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Olton, Texas

Olton, Texas, is a small community of just over 2,000 with a variety of small businesses that are the backbone of our town.

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Woods of the Plains | Hand Crafted Furniture in Olton, Texas

Woods of the Plains is dedicated to recapturing a time that never was through our hand-crafted, one of a kind furniture pieces. You will not find anything like our work. Meant to evoke a steampunk aesthetic, our furniture is inspired by a science-fictional genre that takes the present, high-tech steam, steel, and gears and reimagines it as something you have not seen before. If you are a fan of Jules Verne, you will get the idea.

Based in Olton, Texas, and sent throughout the region, state, and even country, the furniture at Woods of the Plains is unique. For a statement piece that no one else will have in their home, whether that is a table, chair, or picture frame, browse our products or give us a call. All of our furniture is made from genuine repurposed antiques, and we would love to find something that fits your space perfectly.

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